Completion of the Following Preparatory Courses Prior to Nursing Major:
   1)  Oral Communication
   2)  Written Communication
   3)  General Psychology, Sociology and/or Human Development
   4)  Chemistry (general, integrated, inorganic or organic)-with or without lab, as it was taught on the campus where the course was taken
   5)  Human anatomy (with required lab)
   6)  Human physiology (with required lab)
   7)  Microbiology (with required lab)
   8)  General Statistics or equivalent
Students lacking preparatory coursework will be admitted conditionally, provided all other admissions requirements have been met.  Students must take these courses and successfully pass these courses with a grade of “C” or better prior to enrolling in any other Ottawa courses.  Special financial aid (loans only) is available for funding these preparatory courses.  Upon the successful completion of the missing preparatory course(s), the student will be fully admitted to the program and may begin the required Ottawa coursework for the nursing program.
Students may complete these preparatory courses elsewhere and transfer them in but may not begin Ottawa courses until official transcripts are received documenting successful completion.  Students should consult their enrollment and finance advisors for their best option.
Please Note: All previous college/university credits will be evaluated and considered on an individual basis for transfer to Ottawa University.