A Fork in the Road

Winter 2014

We all encounter them – those moments in life when we have a choice to make. Take the high road or the low road? Pursue this career or that career? Go for glory or integrity? Money or meaning? Comfort or courage?
These forks in the road often alter the very direction of our lives, determining what we do and who we become. They are the moments for which Ottawa University seeks to prepare its students from the instant they step on campus. By helping them explore all the dimensions of who they are and where they fit in an increasingly complex world, students leave equipped to examine decisions from a broader life perspective and expanded worldview. 
The stories in this issue of the Ottawa Spirit bear this out. As you read them, we hope you will identify with the life choices that have been made by current students, alumni and faculty who are leading lives of significance and helping others do the same.

Spreading Voice

Posted by Paula Paine on April 1, 2015 in communication, "communication major", forensics, "Ryan Louis", "Your OU"

The Department of Communication Studies has always served as a foundational support to the liberal arts programs offered at The College. Under the direction of Department Chair Ryan Louis, the department and the Communication Major have been revitalized to provide that support more strategically.

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Communication in Real Life

Posted by Paula Paine on April 1, 2015 in communication, "Erin Shriver", golf, "The Campus", "Your OU"

Senior Erin Shriver first thought she wanted to go into business, but after taking an Intro to Communication course, she instinctively knew she needed to change directions.

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Archiving "The Art of Persuasion"

Posted by Paula Paine on April 1, 2015 in archives, forensics, "Pi Kappa Delta", "Ryan Louis", "Your OU"

In 2013, the nation’s oldest and most prestigious speech organization, Pi Kappa Delta, chose Ottawa University, the honorary’s founding chapter, to house its national archives

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Music Ed Students Benefit from Yamaha Grant

Posted by Paula Paine on April 1, 2015 in instruments, music, "Yamaha Grant", "Your OU"

On Friday, January 23, Ottawa University received delivery of 16 instruments with a retail value of approximately $17,000 as part of a grant from Yamaha Corporation.

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Two Invitationals Added to Music Line-up

Posted by Paula Paine on April 1, 2015 in choir, "music invitationals", orchestra, "Your OU"

Music invitationals serve as a wonderful opportunity to showcase the talent of OU’s music faculty and students while at the same time exposing high school music teachers and prospective students to the University’s growing music programs.

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