A Fork in the Road

Winter 2014

We all encounter them – those moments in life when we have a choice to make. Take the high road or the low road? Pursue this career or that career? Go for glory or integrity? Money or meaning? Comfort or courage?
These forks in the road often alter the very direction of our lives, determining what we do and who we become. They are the moments for which Ottawa University seeks to prepare its students from the instant they step on campus. By helping them explore all the dimensions of who they are and where they fit in an increasingly complex world, students leave equipped to examine decisions from a broader life perspective and expanded worldview. 
The stories in this issue of the Ottawa Spirit bear this out. As you read them, we hope you will identify with the life choices that have been made by current students, alumni and faculty who are leading lives of significance and helping others do the same.

Men's Golf

Posted by cservaes on September 19, 2011 in Athletics, "The College"

A Scholar-35 ouspirit@ottawa.edu | www.ottawaspirit.com | Ottawa University® Athletics All-KCAC Honors Kylie Covey 1st in the 100M 3rd in the 200M Clinton Weldin 3rd in the 100M JJ Baca 5th in the 100M Caj Kueffer 6th in the 800M Long and Triple Jump Morgan Boore 1st in the Long Jump 6th in...

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Filled Up; Poured Out

Posted by Paula Paine on May 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

A cup – a container, a vessel. It can be used for many different purposes. And it can be filled with many different things for accomplishing those purposes, whether it be to cleanse, to nourish, to refresh, to beautify, to serve, to hold, or even to dig. In the same way, we are vessels...

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Classroom Veterans - Privileged to Serve

Posted by Paula Paine on May 25, 2011 in Alumni, Arizona, Online, "School of Business"

Soldiers and Students “At Camp Cook in Iraq, we were bombed three times a day. They do have a couple of bomb shelters, but I didn’t always use them. There were times where I slept through the bombing.

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Saved for His Purpose

Posted by Paula Paine on May 25, 2011 in Alumni, faith, "School of Arts and Sciences", "The College"

Melanie Sarra Hanson ’77 grew up on a farm in Kansas and followed her mother and older sisters’ footsteps to Ottawa University. While at OU, former OU President Dr. Hal Germer was her advisor. He recalls faculty discussing characteristics of ideal students—capable, motivated...

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hard luck; determined joy

Posted by Paula Paine on May 25, 2011 in Alumni, Arizona, "School of Education", "special education"

Orphaned, uneducated, and hungry; dodging minefields and bombs; living in refugee camps; dependent on the intermittent kindness of strangers - for a 10-year old Cambodian boy whose name means “lucky,” Samnang Yun’s young life seemed anything but.

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