OUAZ Enrollment

Plan to attend one of the OUAZ Early Enrollment days this summer! 

OUAZ Enrollment Day

  • Learn about different campus services and resources like academic support, dining options, housing, health services, safety and the best ways to be active, involved and enjoy your time at OUAZ.
  • Meet other new students with similar majors and activities.
  • Talk about your intended academic path and register for courses.
  • Have fun at your future home away from home!

Before Your Enrollment

Prior to attending a OUAZ Early Enrollment event, you will need to complete all necessary paperwork – Financial Aid Paperwork, Student Registration and Health History Forms, and, if necessary, Student Athlete Requirements. The more you have completed prior to attending the event, the less you have to worry and the more you get to enjoy that this day has come! You are an OUAZ student!