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Theatre Department Presents "The Lover"

Ottawa University Theatre will present “The Lover” by Harold Pinter on March 6, 7, and 8 at 7:30 p.m. in the Larry D. Peters Auditorium. Tickets will be available at the door or can be purchased in advance by calling the box office at 785-248-2460. Regular admission is $10.00; $5.00 for students and senior citizens.

“The Lover” is an intriging play by one of the 20th century's most celebrated playwrights. Director of Theatre Julie Noonan says, "Pinter is a curious writer. He gives you just enough information to be shocked, puzzled and curious all at the same time. This is one of Pinter's lighter pieces and is proving  to be great fun for our students-- and will be for the audience as well." 

The play’s cast features Trevor Lyons as Richard, Audrey Laughlin as Sarah, and Luke Parnell as John.