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Day 10 - December 10, 2019

Bear Love

“Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.” Ephesians 4:2

One of the reasons I enjoy reading the book of Ephesians is the charge it gives to the body of Christ, the church. Paul explains that the church is no longer just Jews but instead made up of Jews and Gentiles alike. So, when Paul is in prison writing to Ephesus, he is also writing to all of those who make up the church, including us today. He starts this charge with the verse above, showing us practical ways we can please God with our actions. This verse reminds me of the Advent season as we are to be patient with one another, but also patient for Christ. With patience, we must also bear love, as we have been loved so dearly by our Lord and Savior. This time of the year can be hectic for many, with busy schedules taking place during the holiday season. We must remember to be gentle, humble, patient and most importantly, loving to those around us during this Advent season. 

Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, I am thankful that you have included me in the body of Christ. Thank you for bringing your Son to this earth and for the sacrifice that He made. When my world seems to be spinning during these busy times, please remind me to stay humble, gentle, patient and loving to those around me. Let your love shine through my actions so that others may come to know you. I pray all this in your Son’s holy name, Amen.

submitted by Ryland Miller

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