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Day 2 - December 2, 2019

Little Care

“So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom. Return, O Lord! How long? Have pity on your servants! Satisfy us in the morning with your steadfast love, that we may rejoice and be glad all our days. Make us glad for as many days as you have afflicted us, and for as many years as we have seen evil. Let your work be shown to your servants, and your glorious power to their children. Let the favor[d] of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands upon us; yes, establish the work of our hands!” Psalm 90: 12-17

Over the past three years little care has been given to my teeth; there’s been a lot going on – right?
So here I sit, staring at the cartoon posted on the dentist’s wall. It goes like this: the hygienist asks the patient, “How often do you floss?” To which the patient replies, “Twice a year, and you do it both times.” It’s been three years for me. 

As I wait, I learn the hygienist is out on maternity leave. The dentist is doing the cleanings. Gracious! Usually the doc only sees clean teeth, humbling to say the least. My dentist’s short stature hides her larger than life kindness and straight forward truth. She smiles at me as I lie flat and tilted up into the glaring light. She says simply, “Well, we can’t get this all at once, it did not take a day to get this way and it won’t take just a day to tend to it.” 

I am scheduled for a crown, and two deep cleanings which tend to one side of the mouth at a time. 
So it goes, and painfully so. 

It is the daily tasks that set our ways; it is the daily forgotten tasks requiring much work to catch up or clean up. What task are you neglecting for yourself, for your loved ones? For your God? 

In this Advent season, number your days. Take time to do a simple chosen task-maybe it is not flossing, but perhaps it is morning prayer, reading or taking time outside. Perhaps even, it is setting a date for visiting a homebound friend or offering your help at a local community event. What will count for you? In these daily choices, may you prepare for the miracle awaiting us. 

Prayer: God of steadfast love, bring the glory of your goodness to our daily workings, our daily rememberings and our forgotten cares; in the preparation of this season, guide us onward that each little care may be numbered as portion of a wise heart. In Your care, we place ourselves. Amen.

submitted by Fredrikson Center Team

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