A Wave of Hope

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Day 2 - December 4, 2023

A Wave of Hope

“Keep being concerned about each other as the Lord’s followers should.” Hebrews 13:1 (CEV)

I recently learned of what may be the most heartwarming tradition in college football: the Hawkeye Wave. The Stead Family Children’s Hospital on the University of Iowa campus sits next to Kinnick Stadium. The top floor of the hospital has floor-to-ceiling windows which offer a great view of the football field. Game days find sick children and their families filling the floor to watch the action on the field below. When the clock hits zero at the end of the first quarter, all those in the stadium turn to face the hospital and wave to the children. For those few moments, the children’s eyes light up. It’s powerful to see players, coaches, fans pause and show that they care. The patients and family members view this genuine act of loving kindness as life-changing, inspiring. . . a wave of hope.

This is an example of a small thing making a big impact. What small, caring acts can we do this Advent Season to show loving kindness to others? Drop a quarter in a Salvation Army bucket? Let a frazzled mother with small children go ahead of you in the checkout line? Smile and say hello to those you pass on the sidewalk? Spend as little as fifteen minutes with a friend in a nursing home? I’m sure we can all come up with other suggestions. Let’s make this Advent Season a time of giving a “wave of hope.”

Submitted by Jan Lee

Loving God, thank you for all the acts of loving kindness we see all around us. Help us to pass on these “waves of hope.”  Amen.

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