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Bachelor of Arts in Psychology


Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Earn your psychology degree online at Ottawa University and gain the skills you need to prepare for a number of career opportunities in the field of mental health, business, and public service.

About Ottawa’s Online Bachelor’s in Psychology Program

Psychology is the study of human behavior. As you pursue your Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degree, you will develop the tools you need to understand others and provide mental health care. This major gives you a foundation in human physiological, mental, intellectual, personal and social development, preparing you for any number of careers in the public or private sectors.

In this bachelor of arts degree program, you will develop critical-thinking skills and the ability to analyze and integrate information from other disciplines and apply it to the field of psychology. A psychology major partners well with your other liberal arts courses and enhances your ethical thinking, self-awareness and empathy within a global perspective. A communication concentration for your psychology degree program is also available.

Career Opportunities in Psychology

Upon completion of the online psychology degree, many students choose to further their education with a master’s or law degree. Others can pursue educationally relevant careers, including:

  • Counseling
  • Research
  • Teaching
  • Consulting
  • Social services
  • Human resources

Discover the Benefits of Ottawa University

  • Generous credit transfer policy – Save time and cost with Ottawa University’s generous credit transfer policy that honors past experience – up to 80 credit hours
  • Rich, established history – For almost 150 years, Ottawa University has educated students for lifetimes of enlightened faith, exemplary service, inspired leadership, and personal growth and significance. Today, we remain an inclusive learning community grounded in faith and focused on the career needs of the future
  • Life-friendly online learning options – At Ottawa University, we offer life-friendly online degree programs for working adults, military personnel and their families, or anyone looking for a flexible and convenient program that can be completed outside the classroom
  • A supportive learning environment – As an online student at Ottawa University, you’ll draw upon the expertise and support of faculty members who are dedicated to your success

For curriculum and course descriptions please download a program overview.

For more information about earning your undergraduate degree in psychology degree at Ottawa University or any requirements for joining the program, contact us today.


Psychology Major Courses

Statistics for the Social Sciences | 
Introduction to descriptive and inferential statistical techniques used in the social sciences. Topics include data collection procedures, measures of dispersion, correlation designs, probability, statistical inference, and analysis of variance.

Principles of Psychology | 
Introduces basic elements in understanding human behavior. Emphasis on basic concepts and terminology of psychology including the biological basis of behavior, sensation, perception, history of psychology, growth and development, motivation, learning, measurement and scientific methodology, emotion, personality, abnormal behavior, and psychotherapy. Alternate: PSY 32353 Developmental Psychology

Developmental Psychology | 
Examines theory and research on issues of human growth and development.

Theories of Personality | 
Emphasizes modern psychoanalytic, behaviorist and humanistic theories of personality development.

Psychology of Abnormal Behavior | 
Study of biological, psychological and sociocultural influences contributing to abnormal behavior patterns. Includes history, identification, diagnosis, and treatment of various psychopathological disorders.

Physiological Psychology | 
Examines physical basis of human behavior and experience, how the brain and nervous system work, information flow, and processing at higher levels of organization. Addresses issues of intelligence, consciousness, addictions, and deviant behavior from a neurophysiological standpoint.

Ethnic Relations and Multiculturalism^ | 
Focuses on intergroup and intragroup experiences of various ethnic populations within the United States. Includes impact of integration, discrimination, prejudice, and social dynamics of conflict and assimilation to various groups.

Social Psychology^ |
Examines social influences on human behavior including attitude formation and change, influence and persuasion, social attraction, theories of aggression, conformity, cultural impact, leadership styles, power and status, social roles, and environmental influences.

Research Design and Analysis | 
Reviews basic research methods focusing on conceptual basis for experimentation. Includes basic design
components such as control, sampling, data collection, and analysis.

History and Systems of Psychology | 
Reviews historical antecedents of contemporary psychology, critical analysis of selected psychological theories and discussion of application of these theories in contemporary psychology.

Seminar in Psychology | 
Capstone course that guides student in development of integrative written project that demonstrates personal achievement of learning outcomes in the psychology major. Culminates in a major theoretical paper, written in APA format, investigating and discussing a major issue or issues within the field and presented in seminar form in class.

^ Choose one.


Recommended Courses

  • Interpersonal Communication | 
  • Introduction to Sociology | 
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