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Corinne Carlson, PhD

Adjunct Professor in Arts & Sciences


PhD - University of California at LosAngeles (UCLA)
MS - University of California at LosAngeles (UCLA)
BA - California State University

Dr. Carlson spent her formative years in Denver Colorado where she enjoyed skiing, camping, biking and tae kwon do. She left Colorado to go out of state to California for her education. During her undergraduate years she worked as a chemist for American McGaw Pharmaceuticals. After earning a doctorate at UCLA (in the Mental Retardation Research Center) she did post-doctoral research for 6 years at University of California Irvine, California State University Fullerton and University of Colorado School of Medicine. During this time, she was inspired by conversations with Hugh Ross who went on to found “Reasons to Believe”, and Francis Collins, then head of the Human Genome Project. Dr. Carlson went on to become an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at University of Colorado at Denver where she developed an interest in the biochemisty of nutrition and did research on the iron storage protein ferritin.

She had a heart to integrate faith and learning and this lead her to a position at Colorado Christian University as an Associate Professor of Chemistry. Dr. Carlson has also enjoyed teaching AP and IB biology and chemistry in high school for many years. She lives in Surprise and enjoys golf, camping, biking scuba diving, worshiping God, spending time with family and friends and teaching chemistry!

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