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Harvey Tidwell, EdD

Adjunct Professor in Education


EdD - Argosy University
MA - California Luthren University
BA - Chapman University

Instructor Harvey E. Tidwell was raised in California and completed his BA degree in Education at Chapman University.  He attended graduate school at California Lutheran University, completing his Master’s in Educational Administration in 1986 and finished his Doctorate in Education Leadership in 2007.  Professor Tidwell is both an academic and life-long educator that has taught at every level of education.  He is currently teaching at the high school level and still continues to teach at university level, which spans over the last decade.  He is a veteran in the classroom with outstanding student reviews and has achieved Faculty-of-the-Year honors at another prestigious university.  In the classroom, Dr. Tidwell uses his in-depth experience to make education real and understandable for his students and is excited to devote his energy, passion and leadership to Ottawa University, which is a truly special place to him. Dr. Tidwell is a person who is driven to excel and radiates a passion for teaching and learning, a person who is enthusiastic to see his students achieve in their fields of expertise.

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