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Kimberly Byrd, MACc

Adjunct Professor in Arts & Sciences


MACc - Auburn University
BACc - Auburn University

Professor Kimberly Byrd is a Full Time Instructor in the School of Business at Ottawa University.   She was born in the Republic of Panama and lived there until she was 18 years old.  Her family owns several businesses including a construction company, a property management company, and a landscaping company.  She is very involved in the PTA at the local schools and work with the teachers and children every week.   She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting with honors.  She then tackled the Certified Public Accountant exam and passed.  She worked for several years in the business world and decided to take on the challenge of a Master’s Degree in accounting.  She felt the best option for her to accomplish this goal was online classes due to her workload, family schedule, and many responsibilities.  She knows personally what a sacrifice it is to make the commitment to attend college while having so many other obligations. She also graduated with honors from her Master’s program. Professor Byrd has been in the accounting profession for many years.  She has worked in private, public, governmental and non-profit organizations.  She has also worked for several accounting firms.

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