Philosophy degree overview

Minor in Philosophy

Investigate the basic questions of existence in Ottawa University’s Philosophy degree program. Rooted in Christian values and fostering a comprehension of religious beliefs and practices throughout the world, our Christian Studies degree program can help you further refine your worldview as you explore human origin, meaning, purpose, spirituality and divinity. You will analyze sacred literature and historical contexts to understand the interactions of religion and culture. Become a critical thinker, expand your worldview and develop a personal sense of responsibility to minister to others.

Consider the role of religion in contemporary America as you seek to clarify your own convictions and moral precepts. Your individual identity will be profoundly shaped as you examine your personal attitudes, values and beliefs. You will gain biblical, theological and philosophical knowledge that helps you develop respect and appreciation for diversity among persons of different religions, ideologies and ethnicities.

A Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy can open the door to any of a number of career, service and educational opportunities.

Such options include:

  • Teaching
  • Youth group director
  • Counseling and social work
  • The Peace Corps
  • Graduate study

Why Ottawa?

With a rich academic tradition and supportive learning environment, Ottawa provides an educational experience well worth your time and money. Benefit from a close-knit community in a small-town setting that provides ample opportunity to meet new people and get involved while remaining within arm’s reach of the rich cultural, dining and shopping attractions of Kansas City. Click here to learn more about our student clubs and organizations.

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For detailed curriculum and more please visit the University Catalog entry for this program.

Christian Studies and Ministry Major Courses

Required Major Courses

The Gospels | REL 20224
Examines historical background to the Gospels, the uniqueness of the genre and the content of the four Gospels with sensitivity to the particular theological emphasis of each of the evangelists.

Christian Thought I | REL 21024
Introduces basic theological categories traditionally included within Christian systematic theologies; Revelation, God, Christology (the doctrine of Christ) and Ecclesiology (the doctrine of the Church). Categories are approached from both a historical and contemporary perspective.

Biblical Book | REL 30123
An in-depth study of a particular Biblical book, varies from year to year.

Pentateuch | REL 30323
Survey of the theologically central documents of the Hebrew bible. Designed to acquaint students with the characters, concepts and events which lay the foundations for the Jewish, Christian (and in some cases, Muslim) religious traditions.

Christian Thought II | REL 31023
Promotes further reflection upon central Christian doctrines: pneumatology (the doctrine of the Holy Spirit); Anthropology (the doctrine of Humanity); Soteriology (the doctrine of salvation); and Eschatology (the doctrine of the last things).

World Religions | REL 33823
Studies different ways human beings, throughout time and around the globe, have expressed what they regard as basic problems and meanings of existence and how to deal with them. Provides tools to use in unlocking experiences central to several primitive, Oriental and Hebraic religious traditions. Lecture, slides, music, sacred texts, scholarly literature, and class discussion assists in relating personal experiences to themes of world's religions.

Christianity in a Pluralistic Society | REL 36523
Examine basic assumptions and beliefs of pluralism and Christianity. Investigate how worldviews interact, challenge, and confront one another. Study church history, modernity, post modernity, and Christianity and its liberal, evangelical, and conservative components.

Christian Ethics | REL 40224
Mixture of classics and contemporary writings selected through consultation with student. Studies various understanding of the relationship of faith to life in society. Explores major models for understanding the moral life.

Internship: Religion | REL 41023
Practical experience in major area of study. Arranged individually and taken after completion of major coursework.

Life and Thought of Paul | REL 44823
Examines the life of Paul in relation to his career and his epistles.

Comprehensive in Religion | REL 49023
Comprehensive in Religion capstone course that guides student in development of integrative projects that demonstrate achievement of learning outcomes.

Elective Courses (choose two):

Recommended Course

Basic Issues in Philosophy | PHL 11023
Introduces nature and purpose of philosophical reflection. Emphasis on questions concerning metaphysics, epistemology, religion, ethics and social/political philosophy. Students encouraged to develop their own ideas in dialogue with selected readings and other class members.

For detailed curriculum and more please visit the Course Catalog entryfor this program.

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