Theatre degree overview

Minor in Theatre

The Theatre major introduces you to dramatic literature, acting, directing, design, and criticism. You will synthesize many art forms including creative writing, voice, movement, dance, painting, visual composition, sound, music, lighting, costume design, and set construction. Your professors will guide you through different theatrical styles, periods and conventions. You will visualize and recreate playwrights' attempts to capture universal themes, conflicts and human relationships across time, place and culture. This exercise in creative empathy and expression can help you understand yourself, others and the world community.

In addition to serving as a strong liberal arts foundation, the theatre program includes main-stage productions and dramatic activities that prepare you for graduate study, professional schools or a variety of careers.

Career Opportunities Include:

  • Stage, film, or television production
  • Theatre history
  • Playwriting
  • Criticism
  • Teaching
  • Theatre management
  • Public relations
  • Promotions
  • Communication



For detailed curriculum and more please visit the University Catalog entry for this program.

Theatre Major Courses

Stagecraft | THE 14123
Examines theory and practice of technical phases of play production including stagecraft, lighting, costuming, makeup, design and theatre management. Understand coordination and management of all phases of production. Includes practical work on productions.

Introduction to Theatre | THE 14623
Students examine the foundational history and practice of theatre. Major theatrical periods and dramatic literature are introduced through readings and viewing of live or recorded theatrically based productions. Students are also introduced to the practical professions in theatre, including directors, actors, and designers.

Acting I | THE 20023
Covers basic techniques for comprehension of theory and practice of acting. Explores both inner and outer techniques to create a role. Follows working steps from analysis of script to the creation in performance of a fully realized characterization. Designed as an introduction for beginning students and basis for advanced study.

History of Theatre I | THE 31523
Study of origins and development of theatre from the Greeks to the 17th century. Examines and analyzes major playwrights and plays with emphasis on European and Eastern works. Includes overview of the history of theatre criticism.

History of Theatre II | THE 31623
Focuses on development of theatre from the late 17th century and Realism through 20th century to contemporary movements. Examines and analyzes major playwrights and plays of Europe and America.

Advanced Voice Practicum | THE 36023
Course is designed to work with a student's voice and mannerisms in order to better convey a powerful presence and to develop their range, tone, and appropriate volume. Students will use a variety of readings to expand these areas.

Directing | THE 40624
Focuses on theory and practice of directing:composition, picturization, movement, rhythm and pantomimic dramatization. Examines directing of the last 100 years, from proscenium to central experimental staging. Requires final project.

Internship: Theatre | THE 41023
Practical experience in major area of study. Arranged individually and taken after completion of major coursework.

Playscript Analysis | THE 45523
Students will learn the tools necessary to unpack and prepare a script for production. Focuses on encouraging an engagement with the text through multiple analytical frameworks, including both formalist and non-formalist approaches.

Senior Comprehensive | THE 49023
Presents senior theatre performance majors with an opportunity to demonstrate their maturity of performance skills and techniques. Prerequisites:Senior status and a declared and approved major in theatre.

Applied Theatre | THE 11421 or Advanced Applied Theatre | THE 31421
Designed for students participating in, acting or backstage work, theatre productions of the University. Coursework arrangements made individually with theatre director. Applied theatre is taken each semester (maximum of eight) except while enrolled in theatre practicum or performance comprehensive.

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For detailed curriculum and more please visit the Course Catalog entryfor this program.

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