MBA-MAHR Dual Degree  degree overview

Master in MBA-MAHR Dual Degree

Students completing a dual degree must complete a minimum of 66 credits between the two programs and should complete one program before beginning the second program.  BUS 7000/HRC 7611 Organizational Behavior and Theory and BUS 7200/HRF 7001 Value Systems and Professional Ethics are the only two courses to be transferred from one program to the other.

For detailed curriculum and more please visit the University Catalog entry for this program.

The curriculum of this program consists of 66 credit hours.

Master of Arts in Human Resources Required Courses

Organizational Behavior and Theory | HRC 7611
Examines human behavior as it impacts the work organization. Includes theoretical foundations of motivation, group dynamics, leadership, decision-making, satisfaction and performance.

Human Resources Planning and Administration | HRC 7411
Integration of human resources with strategic business functions and planning. Examines issues of structure, staffing, effectiveness, performance and assessment and diversity within organizations.

Value Systems and Professional Ethics | HRF 7001
Study of personal and corporate value systems and decision making. Investigation of personal beliefs, purposes and attitudes, and their effects on self and others. Examines the ethical dimensions of organizational structures and practices.

Recruitment Selection and Placement | HRC 7561
Examine issues and methods for effective recruitment, employment selection and job placement. Compare various methods and procedures used as related to job requirements.

Training and Development | HRC 7601
Cover fundamentals, purpose and role of the training and development function in human resources. Includes needs assessment, program development, methods and technologies, management development, evaluation of interventions.

Managing Human Resources Costs | HRC 7361
Monitor and assess financial achievements of human resources goals, as well as other financial planning and control mechanisms within the work organization.

Employment Law | HRC 7741
Examination of Equal Employment Opportunity, Americans with Disabilities Act, Family Leave Act
and other recent and forthcoming legislation. Discuss impact for employee relations and management training for compliance.

Trends, Issues, and Perspectives in Human Resources | HRF 7111
Extended overview of the role of human resources in organizations. Existing theory and practice as well as new and emerging topics in the field.

Research: Assessment and Evaluation | HRF 7161
Develop conceptual and analytical skills and knowledge to assess organizational needs and program effectiveness through the use of research methodologies.

Wage, Salary, and Benefit Administration | HRC 7461
Provides comprehensive overview of the elements of compensation, legal ramifications and compensation design and design of benefits programs and their impact
on compensation and recruitment.

Applied Case Studies in Human Resources | HRF 8481
Seminar for graduating students in which participants develop a major case study of human resource issues, programs and policies in a current organization, most often their own. Draws from previous courses as issues are identified, analyzed and discussed.

Elective course (choose 1)

For detailed curriculum and more please visit the Course Catalog entryfor this program.

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