Human Resources degree overview

Bachelor of Arts in Leadership and Management: Human Resources Concentration

Our life-friendly Human Resources degree concentration is designed for working adults who wish to pursue a management position in a human resources setting.

As a student of our Human Resources Management degree, you will cover legally prescribed standards for measuring work performance; compensation; labor-employee relations; and recruitment, selection, training, development and appraisal of employees. Combined with your Bachelor’s degree in Management courses, you will graduate a more effective human resources leader.

Human Resources Education Courses:
  • Human Resources Administration
  • Employment Law and Policies
  • Employment and Staffing
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Training and Development

About Our Life-Friendly Online Programs

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As an online student at Ottawa University, you will collaborate with – and draw upon the expertise and support of – faculty members and ministry professionals who are dedicated to your success.

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For curriculum and course descriptions please download a program overview.

For detailed curriculum and more please visit the University Catalog entry for this program.

The curriculum of this program consists of 124 credit hours.

Human Resources Concentration Courses

A concentration consists of a minimum of four courses, of which at least 12 semester credits must be upper division. See the course catalog for more information regarding concentrations.
Select at least four of the following courses:

*Required Course

Leadership and Management Major Courses

Accounting for Business Operations | ACC 20364
Introduces operating activities of business. Emphasis on using income statements to plan and evaluate the operations of a for-profit entity.

Macroeconomics | ECO 20163
Focuses on inflationary consequences of monetary and fiscal policies designed to eliminate poverty and unemployment, significance of money and government deficits on attainment of goals of high employment and economic growth in a non-inflationary environment and role of the dollar in international trade.

College Algebra | MAT 10643
College Algebra emphasizes problem solving techniques using algebraic concepts. The focus of the course is directed toward exploring how algebra is used in the social and physical sciences. Topics covered include fundamental concepts of algebra, equations, and inequalities, functions and graphs, systems of linear equations, exponential and logarithmic equations, composition and inverse functions.

Microeconomics | ECO 20263
Study of the role of prices in allocating and developing scarce resources to meet the needs and demands of consumers, the impact of the profit motive on business size and efficiency, the economic power of large-scale business firms, the interplay of private and public choice through price controls, business regulation and taxation.

Business Statistics | OAD 30763
Focuses on basic methods of research design and analysis of data including descriptive and inferential statistics. Topics include mean, median, mode, frequency distribution, range standard, deviation, probabilities of sampling selection, Z-value, T-value, regression and correlation, hypothesis testing, analysis of variance and Chi-square analysis.

Business Ethics | OAD 31664
Introduces development of personal and group norms required for work places. Topics include moral reasoning in business, employee rights and responsibilities of corporations.

Entrepreneurial Vision and Strategy | OAD 30020
Examines the role of personal values and insight in the creation of companies and their ongoing management. This course explores the meaning of being an entrepreneur and how to combine idea (vision) and action (strategy) for personal and business success.

Leadership of Creativity and Change | OAD 30030
Examines the role of an organizational leader. Assesses individual skills and discusses the role of a leader in managing teams through environmental and organizational change. Includes extensive application exercises designed to develop leadership skills.

Behavior in Organizations | OAD 30063
Study of human behavior in work organizations. Focuses on individual satisfaction and motivation as related to organizational structure, nature of task and locus of power. Topics include small group formation, maintenance, organizational conflict, communications and leadership.

Conflict Resolution | OAD 30364
Examines and develops skills in different dispute resolution methods. Topics include: mediation, MED ARB, problem solving, grievance handling, listening skills, fact finding and body language.

Management | OAD 30563
Discusses process for managing organizations including planning, organizing, leading, and evaluating. Examines administrative role in organizations and concepts relevant to its function and historical development of administrative thought.

Leadership and Communication | OAD 36364
Focus on leadership as action and understanding others and interpersonal theory as the connection between leadership and communication in an organizational context. Both didactic and experiential teaching methods used. Crosslisted with COM 36364.

Planning and Budgeting | OAD 40264
Overview of basic financial systems used in business settings. Includes business planning and budgeting tools and models such as balance sheets, income statements, cash flow analysis, time value of money concepts and project planning techniques.

Managing Cultural Diversity | OAD 41864
Examines impact of gender, ethnicity and other cultural diversity dimensions on the work organization and management and supervision of a diverse workforce for organizational effectiveness while encouraging individual professional development.

Seminar in Applied Management | OAD 49300
Capstone course that guides student in the integration of functional content areas in the field of professional management. Addresses management issues and applying management theories and techniques to problems and cases through a process of decision-making. Prerequisite: Completion of all required core courses in the major.

For detailed curriculum and more please visit the Course Catalog entryfor this program.

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