2017 - 2018 - Graduate Student Loan Estimator

This worksheet is being provided to help you estimate how much you may want to borrow in order to cover your educational expenses. Remember, everything you borrow needs to be repaid with interest so borrow wisely.

Please call the Financial Aid department if you have any questions.

The MAXIMUM STAFFORD LOAN amounts that a Graduate student can borrow is not to exceed $20,500.00 for every Academic Year.

This is an estimate only. Actual amounts may vary due to loan fees, course fees, tuition rates, etc. Books are purchased through an external vendor and require payment to a third party other than Ottawa University.

Graduate Cash Flow Total Fall Spring
Number of Credits
Tuition - (enter the PER CREDIT cost for your program of study)
Books / Fees
Stafford Loan(s)
Other Loan(s)
Other Aid
Credit Balance/Balance Due to Ottawa University