Course Development and Revision Request

Course Development and Revision Request


This form should only be used by lead faculty, deans, or professors in charge (PIC) of the course or program.  It is for requesting new course development or revisions to existing courses, not for reporting minor errors in course content (e.g., broken web links, confusing or contradictory instructions, typos, etc.). Please use the Faculty Course Issue Report for that purpose.

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Please check the course schedule to determine the the next term (at lease 16 weeks from today's date) when this course will next be offered: Ottawa University Two-Year Course Schedule.

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My Request Information

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Please explain why the course needs development/revision and include as much detail as possible

Stakeholder Information

Are you the Lead Faculty or PIC for this course/program?
Who else needs to be included in conversations about this request?
Has this request been discussed with the Dean of the School in which this course is housed?
If you have someone in mind who could serve as the Subject Matter Expert (SME), please enter the name(s) here. (Please do not offer this person the SME role at this juncture.)

Scheduling and Enrollment

How often is this course typically offered in one academic year (i.e., during how many terms)?
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On a scale of 1-5, 1 being urgent/high priority, how urgent is this request?
Based on the Two-Year Course Schedule, which term would you like the new/updated course to be ready in time for? Note: the term you list here must begin at least 16 weeks from today’s date and no guarantees are made at this juncture as to whether your requested term can be met.
What will be done with the current textbook?
Please enter any additional comments here.