Microsoft Teams in Blackboard

Microsoft Teams is available in all courses in the Ultra Course View.  Teams can be used to communicate via instant messaging as well as to share and collaborate on documents. Here is information about Using MS Teams in Blackboard.

MS Teams Ultra Course View

Microsoft Teams is now integrated with Blackboard for courses in the Ultra experience format, offering a seamless way to use this tool from right within your course.  Teams offers a communication and collaboration space to students and instructors like Pronto (discontinued), but with more functionality.  Teams can be accessed through the MS Teams link in your Ultra-experience course.  We recommend downloading and installing the Microsoft Authenticator app prior to accessing Teams.

Log in to Blackboard and access your course.

Instructors, please make sure you click the link to Enable Microsoft Teams.  Follow the prompts to complete the activation.

After the initial setup is complete, students and instructors click Open Microsoft Teams, then Open Microsoft Teams Classes to access Teams:

Click Sign in and enter your Ottawa University ID and password when prompted.  Follow any additional prompts to gain access to your Teams Class.

Using Microsoft Teams 

Resources for learning to use Teams in a teaching/learning context: 

Heads up! 

Occasionally an error may appear related to Teams: 

This just means one of the people in the course has a mismatched email address.  Teams will still work for you.  If you run into this error, or any others, please let us know by emailing