***Spring 2019 Term ONLINE* courses in Blackboard are open as of 5 PM Central Time, Friday January 11th.***


You are invited to peruse the syllabus, introduce yourself on the discussion forum, and begin the readings for your online* course(s). However, your instructor may not be present in your course(s) until the term officially begins on Monday, January 14th. Additionally, please wait until the term officially begins to post in the Week 1 discussion forum. If you have any questions or if you do not see your course(s) listed in your My Courses list, please email your instructor or contact your academic advisor.

Best wishes for a successful Spring 2019 Term!

*Blackboard use for courses that meet face-to-face in a classroom is dependent on the instructor's decision whether or not to use Blackboard. If you are enrolled in a classroom-based course and you don't see it listed on your MyCourses list, that means that your instructor is not planning to use Blackboard or had not yet requested that the Blackboard space be opened to students.

For technical support, please contact OU Help at