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Title Audience Format Length
How to Post to a Discussion Forum Students PDF
Adjusting the Blackboard Display General Video 5:00
Assignment Submission - How to Students PDF 5 pages
Best Practices for Online Test Taking Students PDF 2 pages
Changing the Order of Discussion Board Replies General Video 2:04
The Course Info Area Students Video 1:39
Course to Course Navigation General PDF 2 pages
December 2017 Upgrade New Features General PDF 6 pages
Discussions: Overview and Create a New Thread General Video 2:24
Discussions: Reply to Others General PDF 1:20
Early Warning System Instructor PDF 3 pages
Finding Last Access for Students Instructor PDF 2 pages
How to Use Blackboard General Video 13:10
Getting Started with the Grade Center Instructor PDF 6 pages
Global Navigation Menu General Video
How to Access a Student's Assignment and Return a Grade Instructor PDF
How to Allow Additional Attempts on Assignments Instructor PDF 3 pages
How to Batch Download Student Assignment Files Instructor PDF 6 pages
How to Change the Display of your First Name in Blackboard General PDF 2 pages
How to Fix a Missing Horizontal Scroll Bar in the Grade Center Instructor PDF 1 page
How to Grade a Student’s Assignment When Multiple Attempts Are Present Instructor PDF 3 pages
How to Grade User Participation in a Forum Instructor PDF 2 pages
How to Log in to Blackboard General Video 0:44
How to Post a New Course Announcement General PDF 4 pages
Discussion Posting Tutorial for Fully Online Courses Students PDF 3 pages
How to Send Email From Your Blackboard Course General Video 1:46
How to Send Email to a Student's Advisor from the Portal Instructor PDF 2 pages
How to Submit Assignments Students Video 2:16
How to use the Blackboard Calendar Students PDF 7 pages
How to Use the Content Editor General PDF 4 pages
How to Use the Grade Center Instructor Video 8:27
How to View Instructor Feedback for Students Students PDF 2 pages
How to View your Grades Students Video 1:30
Inline Grading - Student Students PDF 4 pages
Inline Grading - Instructor Instructor PDF 5 pages
Inline Grading - Instructor Video Instructor Web Resource
Manage My Courses List General Video 2:38
My Blackboard Profile General Video 1:26
Organizing Discussion Board Posts General Video 4:02
Pasting Text from Microsoft Word into Blackboard General PDF 1 page
Plagiarism Prevention with SafeAssign Instructor PDF 13 pages
Blackboard Student Manual Students PDF 29
Syllabus and Term Calendar General Video 1:32
The Resource Room Students Video 1:53
Tips for Working in Discussions General Video 2:45
Using Blackboard with Windows 8 and 10 General PDF 3 pages
View Users in a Course General PDF 2 pages
View Users in a Course - Instructors Instructor PDF 4 pages
Weekly Materials Area of your Course General Video 1:59
Zoom Participant Guide General PDF 8 pages
Zoom Leader Guide Instructor PDF 18 pages
Sharing PowerPoint in Collaborate General Web Resource
Collaborate Presentation Mode Instructor Web Resource
Discussion Forum - User Activity Missing from the Needs Grading Area Instructor PDF 2 pages
How to Find Courses in Blackboard General PDF 2 pages
Rubrics Error Workaround Instructor PDF 1 page
The New Box View General PDF 5 pages
Working Around the Grade User Activity Error Instructor PDF 1 page
Creating and Sharing ePortfolios Students Video 2:29
Managing Group Membership in a Blackboard Course Instructor PDF 4 Pages
Drawing annotation tool moved beneath student submission while grading Instructor PDF 1 page
Highlight tool not functional below 1600 x 1200 resolution Instructor PDF 1 page
New grading workflow for assignments in Blackboard Instructor PDF 2 pages