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Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in Behavior Health Counseling | Graduate Degree Program

Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in Behavior Health Counseling


For candidates who have a Master's in counseling, our Behavioral Health Counseling certificate will prepare you to seek a variety of careers in psychology, specializing in behavioral therapy.

Behavioral therapists focus their practice on reinforcing desirable behaviors through counseling psychology while eliminating unwanted behaviors to meet the end goal of empowering patients with the tools necessary to continue the behaviors that support positive life experiences and growth.

Therapy can include:

  • Activity development
  • Behavior modification
  • Role playing
  • Self monitoring

As a student of this counseling certification program at Ottawa University, you will gain an in-depth understanding of integrative approaches to behavioral therapy, including ways you can work with other health care professionals to set course for successful behavioral health changes in your patients.

If you’re looking to earn your Behavioral Health Counseling certificate, our counseling courses could be right for you.

For more information about the counseling certification program at Ottawa University or any of our other graduate certificate programs, contact us today.


Behavioral Health Counseling Certificate Courses

Requires a minimum of 15 semester credit hours from PYC coursework.  Coursework is approved in consultation with the Program Director.

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