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What Can you do With a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services?

What Can you do With a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services?

Human Services?????

When picking a major for college everyone has an opinion for you right? Everyone from family to friends to people you may meet randomly. Unfortunately, all this “help” may increase your anxiety in an already stressful time in your life.  If you are  looking at helping professions because you truly care about your fellow man and community you may hear things like “you have to go into nursing then or another health care field….that’s where the money is”. If you have mentioned Human Services or Social Work, you may have received a negative response regarding low salary and comments like “why would you want to work with those people”. 

Well I am here to say congratulations and thank you for considering a career in Human Services. The world needs more people like you!  Now let me tackle the myth about depressing low paying jobs. That simply is not true.  One of the many positive things about a degree in Human Services is the versatility of the degree. With a bachelor’s degree in Human Services from Ottawa University, you can work with children and teens, adults, families, or the elderly.  These settings you can work in are just as versatile including hospitals, community organizations, public welfare agencies and private clinics such as substance abuse clinics or mental health clinics.  These options will be described in detail later. 

At Ottawa University, we offer amazing internship opportunities at facilities such as hospitals, battered women’s shelters, substance abuse clinics, residential treatment centers for at risk youth.  For online students, we facilitate hands on experiences such as video counseling sessions and opportunities to learn about agencies and resources in your area. 

Employment opportunities

Substance abuse counselor:  Those struggling with substance abuse issues may seek treatment at outpatient clinics, in in-patient hospital settings or longer-term residential rehabilitation centers.  With the recent increase in Opioid abuse, society has now recognized the need for compassionate medical and therapeutic care for those with this addiction.  Thus, as society recognizes the need and importance of compassionate treatment, the demand for qualified workers as well as compensation for those workers has increased. This is a growing field for anyone with a bachelor’s in human services.    

Senior Care: Even though many of the “baby boomers” are passing, that influx of need for qualified senior care caused society to make a commitment to providing quality care to older individuals.  In home services have become the new norm for care with this population thus increasing the need for qualified assessments and treatment plans to meet the needs of those individuals within a community setting.  Therefore, the focus has moved from nursing type care to in-home supportive services where human service professionals assess an individual’s needs and develop care plans including access to meals, personal care assistance and financial services.  The direct services are then provided by community agencies selected by the client and Human Services professional.

Youth Services:  Unfortunately, all one needs to do is look at the news to see the overwhelming need for direct services for at-risk youth in our communities. With the added component of social media, we know that cyber bullying and other pressure can lead to teen violence as well as depression and suicide. An individual with a bachelor’s in human services can serve this populations in several settings including schools, community drop in centers, runaway shelters and residential treatment c enters. 

Domestic Violence Services: Although family violence is not a new phenomenon, communities are working to create a more effective response and intervention to this problem. Police are now working closely with Human service professionals with coordinated responses to calls regarding Domestic Violence.  Those with a Human Service s degree are called upon as survivor advocates by the courts to provide support throughout legal proceedings as well as providing ongoing support to the family.  A bachelor’s degree in human services from Ottawa University will provide you with the knowledge needed to help you begin a rewarding career. 

Careers with Developmental Disability Agencies: As with aging adults, recent advances in services have allowed more persons with developmental disabilities to receive services within their homes and communities vs. hospital or rehabilitation centers.  This allows someone in the human services field to develop an individualized plan for these clients intellectual or physical limitations to receive support to reach their highest potential within the community.  Again, a very rewarding career for those who embrace this special population.

Other Advantages to a Career in Human Services

The career options listed above illustrate the versatility of this degree. Another significant advantage is the ability to relocate geographically. The problems addressed by the Human Service Professional are not limited to any region or population. Every city and small community through the US have Human Services agencies usually facilitated through county government. Therefore, this is a perfect career if one’s spouse or partner are in the military or in a career with frequent relocation requirements. As with nursing, the skills utilized in Human Services work are transferable, sought after and valued around the country.  With many of the services provided by Human Service Professionals being mandated by federal laws and policies, the financial compensation for these services is also usually funded through public funding or insurance which demonstrates the value now placed on these services. Those family members who did not understand your choice in your academic journey initially will quickly see how your career benefits you, your family as well as others. Good Luck on this journey.  I guarantee you won’t be sorry your chose to pursue a bachelor’s degree in human services with Ottawa University.

Read more about Ottawa University’s Bachelor of Arts in Human Services program and discover the wonderful opportunities that await you in the helping field.

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Posted: 08/11/2020 by Mary Alice Grosser, MSW
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