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Why Choose Business Data Analytics?

Why Choose Business Data Analytics?

Why Choose Business Data Analytics?

As the field of data analytics becomes increasingly significant to strategic planning, more employers are hiring candidates with data-driven knowledge. Ottawa University recognizes this growing need and offers a Business Data Analytics Concentration as part of our Master of Business Administration degree. This accelerated, online degree in data science teaches the concepts of analytics as an integral part of our core curriculum.

What is Data Analytics?

Data analytics has to do with the essential methods for summarizing data. It is dependent on a sound understanding of statistical analysis techniques, such as regression analysis and hypothesis testing. You may have heard of the modeling technique known as predictive analysis. This includes a keen knowledge of cluster analysis, segmenting, affinity analysis, and applied predictive analytics. Companies are looking for experts in data analysis to determine which sets of data are useful and how they can be leveraged to solve problems and increase productivity, efficiency and revenue. For example, big-data analysis allows data scientists to use algorithms that work over large amounts of data in short periods.

Is Data Analytics a Good Career Choice?

As our reliance on data continues to increase, the demand for professionals in the data analytics and data science fields continues to soar as well. When you earn an online MBA in Business Analytics at OU, you are prepared for a wide range of jobs such as business analyst, data analyst, data engineer, predictive modeler, and countless others. The overall job outlook for statisticians, is projected to grow 33% through 2029, which is much faster than the average for all occupations. Additionally, the median pay for statisticians is $92,030 per year. Pair your interest in statistics with a degree from Ottawa and you are on your way to a successful career.

Growing Need for Skills in Data Analytics

Competency in data analytics is now a staple in every organization. Employers depend upon the analysis of data in decision-making, e-commerce growth, and the increase in the utilization of communication channels including social networks. Ottawa’s accelerated, online degree in data science focuses on business and management skills in data analytics. Thus, the skills acquired in this program are highly focused on the management of data and systems, As you work toward your degree, you learn a multitude of concepts, such as predictive analysis, marketing intelligence, econometrics, data and text mining, data visualization, and more.

Online Data Analytics Classes

A degree in business data analytics trains students in both technical and management skills. Ottawa’s curriculum is specifically created with online data analytics classes in mind. OU has strategically designed our Master of Business Administration program to provide maximum flexibility for working adults, which is just one of the reasons why we have the best online MBA program. This 36-credit hour program teaches students topics such as data mining, decision models, visualization, data acquisition, predictive analysis, marketing intelligence, and econometrics. Students take eight required core business courses and four courses in the data analytics track. The courses within this degree in data science incorporate personal values and professional ethics while strengthening a student’s foundational business knowledge and providing deeper knowledge.

Accredited Business Data Analytics Program

Ottawa University, as a whole, is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Additionally, our MBA degree is also ACBSP accredited and provides students with high-quality, professional advanced study in business. U.S. News & World Report ranks our online MBA among the top in the nation.

Best Data Analytics Courses Online

Ottawa’s accelerated, online degree in Business Data Analytics is streamlined for success. The three-module, 36-hour program can be fast-tracked with our flexible 8-week terms. We also conveniently offer 6 terms per year, allowing students to take courses at their pace and with the ability to take more than one course per term. This helps students jumpstart their career advancement and be on the road to a high-paying salary in no time. These are just a few of the reasons why Ottawa University offers the best data analytics courses online.

OU is proud of our highly distinguished, online MBA program and Business Data Analytics Concentration. We are the best and most affordable option in the institution’s adult markets in Kansas City, Milwaukee, and Phoenix. To learn more about this accelerated degree in data science, contact us today!

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