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7 Reasons an MBA is a Game Changer in 2022

7 Reasons an MBA is a Game Changer in 2022

If you are a business professional committed to advancing your career and increasing your earning potential, then earning an MBA is a game changer. A Master in Business Administration degree can be a powerful tool to prepare you for pursuing and obtaining the top job opportunities in your field.

With the evolution and flexibility of online learning, the MBA has been adapted and streamlined to become one of the most sought-after online degree programs. Adding to its appeal is the number of concentrations now available for the MBA, with finance and accounting being the most popular according to U.S. News and World Report.

Specialization within the MBA degree, whether it be the aforementioned finance and accounting or others such as human resources, health care management or business data analytics, have helped increase salaries and, in turn, bolster your return on investment. The Financial Times has reported that salaries for MBA holders are higher than ever and are continuing to rise. In fact, these salaries following the first three years in the workplace have increased at a rate higher than any other master’s degrees. 

An MBA is one of the most prestigious business degrees available for career advancement. Here are 7 reasons why the MBA is a career game changer in 2022:

1. Helps you gain a professional edge.

When you hold an MBA, you have a significant edge in the job market. The degree can be very helpful in salary negotiations and promotion opportunities. In fact, the degree is often targeted by mid-range professionals for career advancement. The MBA provides more career diversity for graduates with the core areas covered within the program’s curriculum, including human resources, finance, statistics, accounting, economics, technology and information systems. This qualifies an MBA graduate to pursue a career in multiple areas and business sectors, as well as the public sector.

2. Provides you higher salary potential.

Simply research salaries paid out to those who have earned an MBA versus salaries of those who have other business degrees and you will see there is a significant difference. Compare employees in any industry, and MBA graduates are typically better equipped to manage and lead, and are more heavily compensated with salaries ranging from $90,500 to $155,000 on average. This nearly doubles the amount paid to those with a lower university degree.

3. Enhances your professional knowledge.

The hard and soft skills you will learn during an MBA program can enhance your knowledge and open up numerous opportunities for career advancement across different industries. If you’re looking to switch fields, such as from banking to marketing, an MBA can still be very useful. When polling MBA graduates, many reveal that this degree program has thoroughly enlightened them on certain aspects of life, especially concerning operations within the business world. While those without an MBA ponder endlessly and wonder how and why a particular business decision is made, an MBA graduate is able to relate, because they would have been taught beforehand. With an MBA, graduates acquire an in-depth view of the business world.

4. Expands your business network.

Enrolling in an MBA degree program will expand your professional network. The program gives you the opportunity to work with like-minded individuals passionate about business. The networking benefits of the MBA program are highly appealing. The almost endless list of potential networking opportunities when pursuing an MBA include recruiters, keynote speakers, seasoned business professionals, industry entrepreneurs, as well as fellow students with their own ambitions in the business world. Another networking channel for those enrolled in an MBA program are internships, which customarily occur either during the degree program or after it has been completed. This provides MBA students with yet another way to meet potential employers. All in all, the combined network of people you will meet while pursuing your MBA provides numerous benefits for the future.

5. Allows you flexibility in career advancement.

For working professionals, finding time to pursue an MBA can be a difficult task. This is especially true when you’re working a full-time job. Fortunately, Ottawa University offers an online Master in Business Administration that caters to busy professionals. For those who are currently employed and wish to pursue a master’s degree, an online MBA program offers flexibility. Ottawa University offers both full-time and part-time course loads. This flexibility allows students to work at a pace that is ideal for them, without feeling hassled or stressed.

6. Expands your leadership skills.

Leadership skills and strategies are built into the curriculum our MBA degree program. You will learn how to motivate people and how to handle tough business decisions. The benefits of an MBA directly affect an employee’s day-to-day business success. You will be exposed to approaches for effective leadership that will help you innovate, motivate, inspire, and encourage productivity. To expand your leadership acumen, earning an MBA is a popular choice across all sorts of industries.

7. Provides an avenue for personal development.

Many MBA graduates describe feeling like a new person after completing their degree. Obtaining an MBA can provide a new outlook on life and the business world with the different perspectives you will learn. You will develop survival skills, advance your professionalism, and become an exceptional communicator and adviser. The MBA helps you become a more well-rounded individual, which helps you both professionally and personally. Coupled with increased analytical thought and self-confidence, an MBA tests your abilities and helps you identify your weaknesses. In short, you will gain a linear understanding of who you are and the priorities you set for your life.

Are you interested in advancing your career in the exciting world of business? If you are a working professional wanting to move up the corporate ladder and increase your earning potential, then obtaining an MBA is great way to achieve that goal.

Career advancement awaits with Kansas City’s best, fastest, and most affordable online Master of Business Administration degree. Contact us today to learn more about earning your online MBA at Ottawa University!

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Posted: 10/06/2020
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