Dear Ottawa Family

Posted by Paula Paine on February 12, 2011 in Arizona, "Kansas City", "Other News"

As with many changes, there is a mix of joy and sadness. This is true with the news that five of our most cherished faculty colleagues recently retired from their long-time careers with Ottawa University. Peter Sandstrom, Mike Sancho, Jerry Malizia, Gus Breytspraak, and Paulette Krenke all communicated to me that they would be retiring from their many years of service to Ottawa University, effective in September. I am sure that I speak for the entire OU™ family when I say that we share a sense of joy for these colleagues as they enter into a new and exciting chapter in their lives, but also a sense of sadness that we will not have our friends by our side as we enter the new year.

I am pleased to know that several of these colleagues will continue to serve Ottawa University through adjunct teaching; however, I will miss the regular instruction and conversation that has helped to shape the lives of our students and provide direction for our University. Most significantly, I will miss their leadership, wisdom and meaningful contribution to achieving our mission.

These individuals have provided extraordinary leadership over the years – always seeking to lift the spirits of others and endeavoring to challenge their students to a greater understanding of the world. We will find it difficult to replace them, and we will miss their daily service to Ottawa University; however, I am confident that we will continue to see their lifetime impact on our widespread OU family.

Please join me in celebrating and congratulating these individuals who have contributed, in so many significant ways, to the institution’s success over a cumulative 148 years of service.

We will miss you Peter, Paulette, Mike, Gus, and Jerry. Thank you for all that you have done to improve our world. We wish you the very best in the future.

– Dr. Terry Haines, University Provost and Chief Academic Officer, on behalf of the OU community

Professor Jerry Malizia joined Ottawa University in 1994 with an academic background in both education and philosophy. During his tenure, Malizia led the Arizona faculty in revising the structure of both Proseminar and Graduation Review and helped set a new standard for OU’s liberal arts courses and breadth areas in Arizona. In addition, he served as both the Arizona director for liberal arts studies and the chair of the Arizona faculty.

Professor Paulette Krenke joined Ottawa University in 1993 with an academic background in education and worked closely with the Maricopa Community College system to develop Ottawa University’s dance and music education programs. She served as a lead faculty member for undergraduate degrees in elementary, secondary and early childhood education and was continually recognized for her dedication to serving students. Krenke worked on countless projects through the years and served on numerous committees. She was a consistent example to other faculty in her unwavering service to students and in living out the mission of Ottawa University.

Professor Peter Sandstrom joined Ottawa University in 1968 and was originally hired at The College to teach in the areas of philosophy and religion. On several occasions, Sandstrom served as a contributing member of our University-wide liberal arts assessment teams. He was part of the faculty team that inaugurated the interdisciplinary liberal arts core program, individualized majors, student contracts, cross-cultural experiences, and OU’s first adult campus (College Without Campus). Sandstrom served as dean of The College for eleven years and led Ottawa University through three North Central accreditations.

Professor Mike Sancho came to Ottawa University in 1968 with academic preparation in chemistry. Sancho was hired as part of a new group of faculty who were charged with implementing the New Plan for Education (Peter Sandstrom was part of the same team). Sancho served as the director of The College international program, chairman of core committee, taught in the liberal arts core program, and worked with countless students in directed studies in the arts. Sancho has been a community service leader and supporter of the underserved. He was a member of the Kansas City Desegregation Committee (12 years) and was a chaplain at St. Luke’s hospital in his spare time.

Professor Gus Breytspraak joined Ottawa University in 1977 as a professor of social ethics. He came to OU™ to teach in the liberal arts core, but Breytspraak also served as director of the health care program and as OU-Kansas City’s director of graduate studies. It was through Breytspraak’s leadership that the OU-Kansas City MBA program was given birth. He taught in the master’s of human resources program, in the LAS program, and served as trainer for the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. In fact, Breytspraak founded the local chapter of the Association of Psychological Type in Kansas City.