Filled Up; Poured Out

Posted by Paula Paine on May 26, 2011 in Uncategorized A cup – a container, a vessel. It can be used for many different purposes. And it can be filled with many different things for accomplishing those purposes, whether it be to cleanse, to nourish, to refresh, to beautify, to serve, to hold, or even to dig. In the same way, we are vessels – used for different purposes. And while the shell of who we are does not change, what we choose to fill our lives with helps determine our output, our purpose – whether it be ministry, teaching, art, military service, business, social service, medicine, or a myriad other uses. And what we learn, what we experience, who we associate with, what we believe – all blend to create a unique formula for meeting the needs of a diverse world. Even those experiences that are poured into our lives that we did not invite can be sweetened and made useful for the benefit of others. It’s all in what we’re adding from within – from what we’ve already put into our cups. Within these pages, you will read of those whose cups are being filled to overflowing for many purposes. And that is the joy of formal and informal lifelong learning – out of the abundance of what goes in is an abundance poured out. It is the goal of Ottawa University, through its three schools, to pour into the lives of our students the tools needed for lifelong success, meaning and service. May you be inspired by the stories that you read here and continue to fill your own cups as a result.