Single Mom Success

Posted by cservaes on September 19, 2011 in "Academic Programs", Alumni, "Current Students", Uncategorized When Hope Blackmon sets her mind to something, she usually accomplishes it. “When one of my brothers graduated with his master’s degree, I looked at my family tree and realized I was the only one who had just a high school diploma,” says Blackmon. She soon began attending Ottawa University’s Jeffersonville campus in 2005 and graduated in 2010 with a bachelor’s degree in both human resources and management. Two months later, Blackmon set the bar higher and began working toward her master’s, which she plans to finish in 2013. As a single mother, she has set out to become a better role model for her son Quincy and daughter Taylor by going back to school. “She has accomplished all this while working full time at United Parcel Service (UPS) and raising two children as a single parent… She is quite a student and person,” says Ottawa University faculty liaison Dr. Wayne Meaux. Blackmon has worked at UPS in Louisville, Kentucky, since 1993. Currently, she trains new hires and existing employees and coordinates the Employee Relations Committee. She goes out of her way to try to make her presentations as interesting as possible, like having a fashion show to help remind employees of the proper business casual dress during the hot summer months. If earning her master’s and working fulltime aren’t enough, Blackmon also has a new adventure. One Sunday at church, her pastor’s words inspired Blackmon to expand her dreams even more. Her vision? A single mom’s ministry. She went to a local radio station to introduce a radio talk show for single mothers, “and two weeks later I was on the radio,” she says. Her radio show, “Single Mothers, Let’s Talk,” is Kentuckiana’s first radio talk show devoted to single mothers. The show helps promote, support, educate, and guide these moms in the art of peer-backing/mentoring. She receives calls and hosts guests who assist single moms in achieving independence and excellence in their lives. As a former recipient of welfare, Blackmon encourages women to push themselves to the next level. “It’s all about telling single mothers that they can be successful as long as they put their minds to it,” says Blackmon. In an effort to help women connect with other women, “Single Mothers, Let’s Talk” sponsored a “Single Mothers, Let’s Walk” event in August. “If you’re around positive people, you become positive,” says Blackmon. Proceeds helped benefit the show, which Blackmon currently sponsors out of her own pocket. Remember, when Blackmon sets her mind to something, she usually accomplishes it. So don’t be surprised when Hope Blackmon’s name eventually appears with the likes of Oprah and Ellen DeGeneres. After all, her next goal is to have the first single mother’s talk show on TV.