From the President

Posted by cservaes on June 19, 2012 in "Academic Programs", Alumni, Culture, "Higher Education" Dear Friends, As always, we are pleased to bring you this new edition of the Spirit magazine. Our editor, Paula Paine, our senior designer, Lee Stadler and our communications specialist, Courtney Servaes do a great job for us on these publications and we appreciate their hard work and creativity. We get many compliments from our readers, and we are glad that you seem to enjoy this regular update on the status of our institution with its far-flung reach and scope. This edition’s theme is all about culture. In graduate school in my studies of organization development, culture was defined as the “shoulds, oughts, norms, and rituals” that exist within an organization. Culture defined in this way is a by-product of many variables, including the mission, vision, principles, personnel, and strategies that develop over time in response to the challenges and opportunities that confront organizations in their life cycles. One can tell a great deal about an organizational culture by what is observed and experienced within it. In this issue, much of what is special about OU’s culture is revealed in the stories about high achieving alumni, the great starting successes of our Advancing the Vision Capital Campaign, including the major gift from Marguerite Gibson to name our new student center, the visits to our College campus by outstanding guest lecturers, our work with the first cohort of pastors in the Fredrikson Center for Faith and Church Vitality, and academic program development in the mathematics area, among others. From the President Ours is, indeed, a vital and healthy culture. We expect the highest enrollment in over 35 years at The College this fall. New programs to support students and their outcomes are proving successful. Our financial house has never been in better order. We have evidence everywhere of renewed enthusiasm and support for what we are doing. At this writing, we are about to put the finishing touches on another strong year here at Ottawa University. So much has transpired and so much has been achieved that it would take a publication four times the size of this one to even superficially describe this activity. For this and for each of you, we are truly grateful. As we prepare now to launch the public phase of our critical capital campaign, we find ourselves with many challenges but buoyed with optimism at the opportunities in front of us and the blessings we enjoy. Thanks for all you do to continue to support the Ottawa University mission, which is more important than ever in this world. We hope we can continue to count on you to respond faithfully and generously as we reach out to you through the Advancing the Vision Campaign to help us reach new heights for this institution in the months ahead. Have a wonderful summer. Kevin C. Eichner ’73, LLD ’08