The Money Man

Posted by cservaes on June 19, 2012 in "Academic Programs", Alumni, "Invest Atlanta", "Money Man", "motivational speaker", "School of Business", "The College" Some people know him as Lonnie Saboor, manager of small business and industrial finance for Invest Atlanta. Others refer to him as a motivational speaker who offers insights into unconventional financial resources and ways to improve personal and business leadership. Still others call the 1970 graduate of Ottawa University the “Money Man” because of his ability to make dreams come true for hundreds of small business people. But Saboor just thinks of himself as someone who made his own dreams become a reality. “I have spent over 50 percent of my life successfully structuring and financing business projects,” says Saboor. “My strong passion for working with all types of businesses over the years has enabled me to develop a creative way to explain financial and managerial business concepts that empower the small business person.” Saboor was recently named treasurer of the Atlanta Business League’s (ABL) board of directors. “Our primary goal this year is to retire the entire debt on the ABL’s building purchased several years ago,” says Saboor. “I anticipate that the organization will be completely debt free by the end of the year.” Saboor has been involved with the Atlanta Business League since 1974, when he was a student at Atlanta University. Prior to beginning his career at Atlanta University, he attended Ottawa University, where he played football and served as chairman of the concert and dance committee. “I came within a few months of booking the Jackson Five for a concert at Ottawa University before they became nationally known,” says Saboor. After graduating from OU, where he was known as Lonnie Sherman, Saboor took a job as an admissions counselor at Ottawa University after Dr. Wayne Angell offered him the position. “I recruited students to attend OU from Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana,” says Saboor. It was that experience, coupled with the knowledge he gained while a student at OU, that helped him get his start in the business world. “The Ottawa tradition had an immense impact on my later ability to manage and relate to all different types of people over the years,” says Saboor. After being drafted into the Army and serving in Vietnam, Saboor began working for Honeywell Corporation in Arlington Heights, Illinois, in 1972. Not long afterward, Saboor decided to attend Atlanta University, now Clark Atlanta University, to earn his MBA. “The business classes at Ottawa gave me a heads-up on the graduate business classes I would take at Atlanta University,” says Saboor. “My Ottawa experience not only prepared me for my career, but it enabled me to easily make the dean’s list and graduate from graduate school.” Eventually, Saboor became the Southern Regional Business Manager for the Nation of Islam, where he was responsible for over 90 employees, eight managers and more than $1 million in revenue for a food business enterprise. In his free time, Saboor said he enjoys public speaking, even qualifying to compete in the semifinals for the World Champion of Public Speaking. “Every day provides us with a new blank sheet of paper that is waiting for us to place our mark,” says Saboor. “We are blessed to live in the greatest country on earth and it is up to each individual to find a way to realize their ultimate purpose.”