Braves Card

Posted by cservaes on March 12, 2012 in "Acceluraid card", "Braves Card", "Current Students" Eating in the cafeteria, utilizing the copy center and buying books in the bookstore just got easier. This fall, the University launched a new Braves Card, which serves as an ID card, meal card and campus access card. Students also can use the card to do laundry, make purchases in campus vending machines and vote in oncampus campaigns and elections. Along with the Braves Card, the University also launched a new Acceluraid card, which is a financial aid refund card. Refund money is automatically loaded on the card once it is available and can be used just like a Discover debit card on and off campus. According to Director of Financial Aid Howard Fisher, the Acceluraid card is a faster, more efficient and more cost effective way of providing students with their financial aid refunds. Money is placed on the card in accordance with financial aid regulations and is reloadable.It can be used for online purchases and bill payment, or ATM withdrawals, and it is FDIC insured.