Faculty Symposium 2011

Posted by cservaes on March 12, 2012 in "Academic Programs", faculty, "faculty symposium", Uncategorized Ottawa University professors had the tables turned on them in September when they became students as part of the annual faculty symposium. Dr. John Wells, executive vice president at Mars Hill College in Mars Hill, North Carolina, kicked off the three-day symposium with his presentation, “Critical Engagement in Teaching and Learning.” After lunch, faculty members learned about generational poverty and millennial students before participating in breakout sessions. Kara Cunningham, assistant professor of communication studies and business, gave a presentation on community service and volunteerism, while Jacqueline Daly, associate professor of education, and Roberta Santos, Teacher Professional Education Program manager, discussed the best ways to help adult ESL students transition to college. On day two of the faculty symposium, faculty members engaged in a panel discussion with representatives from each of the three schools. They also learned about student feedback and evaluation, including Blackboard, from fellow faculty members.