Running in the Family

Posted by cservaes on September 17, 2012 in Uncategorized It wasn’t much of a surprise to her family when Macy Harsch chose Ottawa University. After all, Harsch’s mom, Wendy Wawrzewski, ran cross country at OU and her grandfather, Mike Wawrzewski, was on the men’s soccer team in the 60s. And Harsch knows how they both feel about their alma mater. “I visited the campus and I thought it was really awesome,” says Harsch, who is from Chanute. “I met with the coaches and they are really great. That was a big deal for me – great campus, great coaches.” Following her meeting with Head Track Coach Kirk Wren, Harsch decided that, like her mother and grandfather, OU was a good fit. “The quality of the program is what set OU apart,” she said. “The runners play an important role. I’m just really excited for this year.” During her visit, Harsch says her grandfather told her about his time as a student at OU, which got her even more excited for this coming year. “He told me he got on top of (Tauy Jones) and wrote his name up there.” Along with playing soccer, Harsch said her grandpa has also run cross country, so he plans on attending as many of her meets as possible, which should be easy enough since her grandparents live just down the road in Garnett. “My grandparents are excited to attend my meets,” says Harsch. “And my mom has already bought me all the Ottawa apparel.” Harsch plans to be active in intramurals and student government in addition to participating in cross country. She hopes to eventually run in nationals and do well for the OU cross country team.