The Processional

Posted by cservaes on September 17, 2012 in "Academic Programs", "Current Students", Faculty/Staff, Uncategorized Like the opera star who has performed in public many times, the Faculty Marshal dons his academic apparel, checks to see if his cap is on correctly, checks last-minute notes before motioning to the flagbearers to assemble - all the while feeling the adrenalin surfacing like so many commencements before. I realize, though, that today’s OU commencement stands alone, unique, different, as each of the 20 commencements I have marshalled has been. It is the gratifying realization that family, friends, faculty, and administrators have gathered to view the culminating point of several years of a student’s arduous educational career. As I fret about all the details and wonder if I have overlooked anything, somehow I manage to keep my composure and lead the chancel party, faculty and students on a familiar path to the Fredrikson Chapel. Once again, I am proud to carry the mace and maintain this wonderful tradition called Commencement. – Dr. Murle Mordy Professor of Foreign Language; Faculty Marshal