Salsa Student

Posted by Paula Paine on August 20, 2013 in "Academic Programs", "Current Students", Indiana, "School of Business", "Your OU" Dominique “Nikki” Williams is putting her education to good use even before she completes it. As an MBA student at OU-Indiana’s Jeffersonville campus, she has joined forces with her sister and brother-in-law to start a new business, which they operate “after-hours.”

It started with the rave-review salsa that Miguel Hampton made for parties and get-togethers before turning into Sancho Miguel’s Salsa that is now being sold in southern Indiana and Louisville.

Hampton creates his custom salsas and guacamole with his wife and her sister, Dominique, at the Depot in Jeffersonville’s Quartermaster Station. Serving as a lunch counter by day, it becomes the salsa station at night.

The new business was recently featured in an article and slideshow in the Louisville Courier-Journal. “We don’t look at the clock anymore,” said Williams in the article. “We’re Clark Kent and Superman. We’ve got our day jobs.”

All three have gone on to earn advanced degrees, with Williams currently finishing her MBA at OU-Indiana. “Our inside joke is this is the most expensive salsa you’ll ever eat,” Hampton said in the article.