The Transfer Advantage

Posted by Paula Paine on December 2, 2013 in "Academic Programs", Arizona, Community, "Current Students", "School of Arts and Sciences", "School of Business", "School of Education", "Your OU" OttawaU at JCCC AdAJohnson County Community College (JCCC) has partnered with Ottawa University, one of the nation’s first adult-learning campuses in Kansas City, to allow JCCC students to stay on the JCCC campus to earn their bachelor’s degree in one of four majors: business administration, public administration, human services, and health care management. Even better, Ottawa University accepts up to 80 credit hours – so a full associate’s degree – towards the bachelor’s AND save students up to 40 percent on tuition.

The degree program uses a cohort model, which means that the classes are small and generally meet only one night per week. Students can also move through the entire program with many of the same classmates, and it’s possible to complete the program in as little as one year.

Debbie Young and Toshie Urano enrolled in the first cohort in the spring as business administration majors, both with a concentration in marketing. They are over halfway through the program.

“If it hadn’t been for one of our counselors saying there was a new program I should look into, I probably wouldn’t be enrolled right now,” said Young, who earned her associate’s degree with JCCC 30 years ago and has been working at the college ever since. “Had this option been available to me as a student, where I knew what I needed to take and could just flow right into my four-year degree, that would have been awesome. So when I heard about the bachelor’s cohort, I knew it was the right thing to do and the right time to do it.”

Urano agrees. “Just knowing that the classes would be at JCCC and that JCCC is collaborating with this program, it was more comforting,” she said.

Coordinated advising between the two schools also made the transfer to Ottawa smooth for the two students.

“Transferring was very easy,” said Young. “It was scary at first, but after coming and seeing my advisors that first night, a lot of my questions were answered. Going over my transcripts to see what I had already taken and what I had left to take – it was very easy.

The program has been a good fit for both students, who especially appreciate the student camaraderie, the online component of the courses, and the level of instruction. “The professors in general are really great,” said Urano, “but knowing that they’re actually doing this as a real job, in the real world is really good.”

“I would recommend the program to anyone,” said Young. “From the get-go it has been very smooth and everyone has been very accommodating. Ottawa is a great school with great teachers and great opportunities.”

“We are delighted that Ottawa University is working with us to make continuing on to a bachelor’s degree a reality for so many of our students,” commented Dr. Terry Calaway, President of Johnson County Community College.

According to Kevin Eichner, President of Ottawa University, “This partnership reflects our mission of bringing meaningful education opportunities to adult learners. It’s an innovative approach to giving adult learners access to important, fulfilling education. And it reflects the respect we have for the education Johnson County Community College offers.”

The JCCC agreement was signed in December 2012 and was followed in March by an agreement in Arizona with Maricopa County Community Colleges (MCCC). It allows graduates from any of the 10 MCCC locations to attend classes at one of three OU campuses in Arizona or online. From the beginning of OU’s outreach on this initiative in June through the end of the Fall 2 enrollment period, the three-member community college recruitment team has enrolled 94 MCCC associate degree graduates. Branching out to OU’s other campuses, the most recent Transfer Agreement was signed with Waukesha County Technical College (WCTC) in Wisconsin.

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