Progress Through Improved Process

Posted by cservaes on July 19, 2013 in "Academic Programs", "Current Students", Faculty/Staff OU’s Process Improvement team is dedicated to increasing efficiency across the University through automation of processes, data gathering, and various business functions. Here are a few of their recent advances.

• Built online platform for submission and management of various payments, registrations, notifications, records, audits, and reports

• Developed comprehensive suite of reports for the Advancing the Vision Capital Campaign

• Migrated from manual, physical tape back-ups to automatic, network disc back-ups providing more robust data back-up and recovery processes

• In preparation for transition to a co-lo (see page 9), developed a more robust software staging environment for the copy of OU’s primary database (CX)

• Automated creation and delivery of student financial account statements via encrypted PDF e-mail • Automated student e-mail account creation and tracking upon admission

• Developed accreditation portal for secure hosting of electronic files that internal and external reviewers can access

• Migrated faculty credentials database into primary University database (CX) to facilitate reports by academic leaders

• Developed report suite for Blackboard Market Assessment Questionnaire

• Automated process to import and index computer-generated documents, such as student statements, directly into University document management system (FEITH)