HR Aided by IT Resources

Posted by cservaes on July 19, 2013 in Faculty/Staff, "Other News" Through the MyOttawa portal, employees are able to access University information at any time, including a wide range of documents and policies. It is also used for new employee orientations in conjunction with new conferencing software that allows the HR department and new hires to interact online. FEITH has become a powerful tool for the HR department, as well. FEITH allows HR to function in a paperless environment through files that are scanned and converted to electronic formats. The documents are searchable, which makes it much easier to access information within an employee or other University file. Other ways the HR department is utilizing technology to improve efficiency and achieve cost savings:

• Birthday e-cards • Electronic time card management system • Background checks electronically coordinated with an outside company • Improved, paperless HR/payroll systems • Email announcements to alumni and friends of jobs posted to the OU website