A Pioneering Partnership Defined

Posted by cservaes on July 19, 2013 in "Academic Programs", "Current Students" As announced in February, Ottawa University and Blackboard Inc. have entered into a historic relationship. That partnership is designed to advance the teaching and learning experience across all student types, programs and campus locations in order to remove the often artificial barriers that exist between on-ground and online learning. The overall objective is to enhance the student experience and improve students’ learning outcomes by achieving these key goals:

• Increase the availability of education to anyone, anywhere, at any time • Increase the exposure of Ottawa University faculty • Position Ottawa University to successfully navigate potential upcoming changes in higher education • Expand Ottawa University’s brand recognition and further differentiate the University • Support students as they learn to fully engage the emerging technological world • Provide greater financial flexibility for students • Expand scheduling flexibility for students • Strengthen the “one University” relationship and educational experience across all Ottawa University campuses • Significantly grow the enrollment of the institution • Increase student retention as a result of enhanced academic and curricular experiences