Interactive Marketing - Leveraging the Internet to Drive Leads

Posted by cservaes on July 19, 2013 in "Current Students", Faculty/Staff Anyone who uses the Internet, particularly to make purchases, has encountered interactive marketing. Basically, interactive marketing involves the capturing of customers’ online clicks and preferences by a company, allowing it to communicate with and market to the customer in a more informed way using the speed of the Internet. is a good example of the use of interactive marketing, showing customers book selections that match not only their preferences but recent purchases, as well. Ottawa University’s interactive marketing strategy is simple – drive a low cost lead volume to help achieve enrollment goals. This strategy includes Pay Per Click (payment to the website publisher every time an ad is clicked by a customer), Cost Per Inquiry and Display marketing initiatives. Display advertisements, also known as “banner” ads, are shown on websites or search engine results with related content. As a result of this strategy, OU has been able to increase lead flow year over year in many of our markets, including Overland Park, Kansas and Arizona, all the while keeping costs down. With each new lead that comes in, OU gains more market share in and around its various campus locations.