Lives of Significance on the Pacific Rim - Revitalizing the Ottawa University-Hong Kong Relationship

Posted by cservaes on July 23, 2013 in "Academic Programs", Alumni, "Current Students", Events, "School of Business" May 16, 2013, was a momentous day in OU’s history, as the University looked back to reconnect with many of its Hong Kong alumni and looked forward to the hope of once again graduating students from the Pacific Rim. During an alumni dinner at the Harbour Grand Hotel in Kowloon, Hong Kong, approximately 60 Ottawa University alumni gathered to learn about the state of the University today and visit with President and First Lady Kevin and Marylin Eichner, International Student Advisor Dr. Murle Mordy, Associate Director of the Angell Snyder School of Business and International Program Director Dr. Marylou DeWald, and Vice President for University Advancement Paul Bean. OU graduate Joel Ma ’88, who is a global procurement manager for Hallmark Cards, Inc. in Hong Kong, served as a liaison and coordinator for the event. “I was very impressed by the turnout for the event,” said Ma. “You could feel the OU spirit in the room as people were reminiscing and recalling their precious OU memories. It was very special to have Kevin, Murle, Marylou, and Paul speaking live in Hong Kong among the alums here. I hope this is just the beginning and there will be more to come.” As a result of the University’s 2012 initiative to revive its international programming, President Eichner and Henry Lau of the Success Institute of Higher Education and Professional Training signed an agreement during the event to once again propel OU into the international market in Hong Kong. The Success Institute will provide educational recruitment and advisory services by marketing and introducing students to the online courses and programs offered by Ottawa University, specifically its Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration (BABA) and its Masters of Business Administration (MBA). Developed by OU graduates in 2008, the accredited, Hong Kong based Success Institute will also assist students with required application and documentation efforts, make regular reports to the University on its recruitment efforts, and assess prospective students’ English proficiency prior to admission into the program. Ottawa University originally initiated an international Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration completion program in 1986, taking it to Hong Kong in 1991. The program structure and delivery was made up of modules that were taught in English using a cohort model. Students studied in their home countries with Ottawa University professors, who spent two weeks with students in intensive sessions. Their final module of the International Degree Completion Program was generally conducted in the U.S. on The College campus in Ottawa, Kansas. The first Hong Kong group to visit The College campus was Group 5A in 1991; the last Hong Kong group was Group 28 in 2005. A number of Hong Kong students also completed all or part of their bachelor’s degree as residential students on The College campus. Throughout the Hong Kong era, Dr. Mordy served as the international student advisor for Ottawa University. The opportunity to see many of these former students was especially meaningful to Dr. Mordy, and his attendance at the banquet was the highlight for many of the alumni who attended. “It was heartwarming to reconnect with so many alumni at the Hong Kong banquet whom I had not seen since their stay at The College,” said Mordy. “It was also rewarding to visit their city for the first time and enjoy sumptuous food.” Prior to the alumni banquet in May, the last gathering of Hong Kong alumni was in December of 2000. Much interest has already been expressed regarding rekindling the OU-Hong Kong Alumni Association.