Norwood Jones Convocation Series

Posted by cservaes on July 23, 2013 in Community, "Current Students", Events Ottawa University welcomed Dr. Barry Asmus on March 6 and 7 as part of its annual Norwood Jones Convocation Series. Dr. Asmus, a senior economist with the National Center for Public Analysis, gave three presentations while on campus. During his first presentation, “Flourishing in a Global, Exponential World,” Asmus laid out the economic progress and potential of the U.S. and explained just how quickly, especially through technology, the world is moving toward global commerce, even in under-developed countries. “Students, if you get a chance to go to South America, or Africa, or Asia, take it,” he said. “The relevant market today is the globe because we’re moving very, very quickly into the exponential world, and America is beautifully poised to play a huge role in that progress. Dr. Asmus’s other presentations were titled “Kingdom of Paradox” and “Spiritual Capital.” All three presentations can be viewed at Dr. Asmus is the author of nine books, including Crossroads: The Great American Experiment, which was nominated for an H.L. Mencken Award. As a professor of economics, Asmus was twice voted University Professor of the Year and was honored with the Freedom Foundation Award at Valley Forge for Private Enterprise Education. The lectures presented by Dr. Asmus were made possible through the Norwood L. Jones Convocation Fund established in 1973 by Mr. and Mrs. Norwood L. Jones, Carolyn Jones Fletcher, and Anne J. Mills. The fund enables Ottawa University to invite distinguished individuals to campus to stimulate and inspire students in their religious life and involvements.