Technology Aids Accreditation Process

Posted by cservaes on July 19, 2013 in "Academic Programs" 2011 marked the first full year of Ottawa University’s period of self-evaluation that will culminate in its 10-year comprehensive review for re-accreditation for the Higher Learning Commission in 2013-14. In order to better prepare for the visit, all of the accreditation files compiled for the visit are housed in digital format on the MyOttawa portal. This format not only saves tremendous amounts of paper, but also allows easy access to the documents by employees during the self-evaluation period and by HLC personnel during the accreditation visit. As information is developed and compiled for each of the five criteria, the drafts are posted on the portal in order to solicit feedback from various committees and employees as required by the HLC. The portal also houses resources from past accreditation visits, videos produced by the publicity committee, criterion discussion forums, mission documents, and various survey data. A self-study plan and timeline is available for reference, as are accreditation files from other institutions. Previously, these documents were housed and distributed manually, with feedback compiled by hand instead of through the automated process now available.