Technology = Efficiency, Savings

Posted by cservaes on July 19, 2013 in "Academic Programs", "Current Students", Faculty/Staff Technology is being used more and more throughout the institution to improve functions and efficiencies, which translates to savings that affect the University’s bottom line, whether through reduction in labor costs, contract expenses, equipment and software expenditures, or operational redundancies. Listed here are just a few of the recently implemented cost-saving technologies. Phone System • A new IP-based phone system was executed University-wide in 2012 that leverages internal extensions across all sites. University-wide phone conferencing is also part of the system, along with failover capabilities should circuits at a site go down. Annual cost savings to the University average $100,000. Computer Rotation • The third year of the computer rotation plan was completed in 2012, leaving no computers more than three years old on any of OU’s campuses. With all computers now having common software, upgrades can be pushed to everyone at the same time and HelpDesk issues can often be resolved without having to physically touch the computers. Smart Classrooms • Nine “Smart,” technology-enabled classrooms (below) were added at The College, one in Overland Park, and one in Phoenix during the 2012-13 academic year. Wireless Network • In the fall of 2012, the IT staff began the first phase of the next generation wireless network in Brown Hall. The first generation wireless network was implemented five years ago, when students were connecting at a rate of less than one mobile device per student. Today that number has increased threefold. Future plans will include the remainder of the buildings on campus, as well as popular outdoor venues. Printers • Printers on both the Overland Park and Brookfield campuses have been replaced with new Konica-Minolta multi-function devises. The College recently had 15 new Konica-Minolta printers installed. E-mail • On-premise e-mail was transitioned to the “cloud” through hosting on Microsoft Office 365.