In Their Own Words

Posted by Paula Paine on September 4, 2013 in "Academic Programs", Faculty/Staff, Online, "Your OU" “I’m a new student at OU and I’ve recently decided at the tender age of 62 to finally get that ol’ sheep-skin hung on the wall. I currently assist with managing three lines of clinical services at an acute care hospital, and I evaluate talent on a regular basis. I also develop clinical processes and workflow and train leadership types to then begin the developmental process of integrating our staff into these processes and workflow. Suffice to say, it is incumbent for me in my position to recognize and develop talent. With all that being said, I would like to share my experience I’ve had with Julie Rathjen. I want you know how much of a talent Julie Rathjen is (as if you don’t already know). She worked so very hard to get me through the New Student Application process and also steered me to all the right people I would need to contact for registration purposes. OK, I realize that’s her job, but I can’t imagine anyone being more talented at doing that job. She is so pleasant and patient, and exhortation is obviously one of her spiritual gifts. I needed every ounce of energy that she personally poured into my application process, and even though she no doubt does this for all applicants, I will be eternally grateful to her because she has mastered the process of coming across as a personal advisor. I realize you know Julie infinitely better than I do as this relates to her developmental curve, but I just thought you might like to know of a new student’s experience with her…. That’s great performance appraisal material.” Larry D. Wilson