Pastoral Passion

Posted by Paula Paine on September 4, 2013 in Alumni, Music, "School of Arts and Sciences", "The College", "Your OU" Joe GreemoreSince Joe Greemore graduated from Ottawa University in 2004 with a BA in Religion and Philosophy, he has been using lessons learned at Ottawa in “pursuit of continued learning, courageous leadership, faithful service, and a life fully lived.” Greemore served ecumenically throughout the ABC central region in a number of capacities for five years following graduation. During that time, he married his OU sweetheart, Shelby Spinder ’06. The couple moved to the Rocky Mountain Region from Kansas in 2009, at which time Joe became the pastor of children and youth at Calvary Baptist Church of Denver. This proved to be a great fit, as the church has a strong OU alumni presence, actively participates in OU alumni giving and hosts annual alumni chapter meetings for the Rocky Mountain Region. In his role at Calvary, Joe cultivates a passion for service, worship, music, prayer, and pastoral care. “One of the greatest lessons I learned during my time at Ottawa was to honor relationships with others above all else,” said Joe. He is also fond of the saying by Second Century Theologian and Early Church Father Irenaeus: "The glory of God is humanity fully alive." That insight drives Joe to cultivate a life of living well and living fully in all he does. In addition to pastoring, Joe loves the gift of travel. Last year, he toured Israel an2013_Mission Summit_3599d Jordan. He has also been to Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. While at OU, he enjoyed traveling with the Ottawa University Choir to England for a command performance before the royal family; to Scotland, Austria, Bavaria, and Switzerland; and to Washington, D.C., Kansas, Colorado, and more. In 2013, Joe completed his Master of Divinity at the Iliff School of Theology (Denver University). He was ordained into the gospel ministry at Calvary on April 28. He and Shelby have three children: Corbany, Addyson and Greyson.  He enjoys reading, writing, preaching, spending time with family and friends, working at summer camp, and, most especially, making music. Joe’s love of music and beautiful tenor voice were showcased at the ABC Mission Summit in Overland Park, Kansas, when he led the singing of the OU Alma Mater following the alumni breakfast on Saturday, June 22.