Life of Illusion

Posted by Paula Paine on February 2, 2014 in Alumni, "News and Notes", "School of Arts and Sciences", "The College", "Your OU"

Teesha and David Laflin stand side by side on the stage. David holds up a metal hoop and explains that it represents negative circumstances that surround people in their everyday lives. He then places the hoop around Teesha and anchors it to a pillar next to her. He goes on to discuss specific examples of these negative circuLaflin4Amstances, and for each example he adds another hoop. The hoops add up until Teesha is enclosed from head to toe.

David then pulls a curtain over Teesha and explains, “Greater than any challenge or circumstance that can cover us in our life is something different that can cover us and that is the grace and healing that can only be found in Jesus Christ. The reality is when his love does cover us, no matter what our situation was, we can be set free from each and every circumstance.”

David then pulls the curtain away to reveal that Teesha is now free from the rings that had imprisoned her.

Along with her husband, Teesha (Ballard) Laflin has performed around the world as a Christian Illusionist for more than 10 years. She started on this unique and rewarding career path after graduating from Ottawa University in 2001.

The first leg of the couple’s journey began in 2002, when Teesha and David traveled to India for two months of mission work. David was on staff at Ottawa University and Teesha was working in the local school system at the time, but when the opportunity presented itself to travel to India to share the message of Jesus Christ, they had to make a difficult decision. After much thought and prayer, they decided to leave their jobs in Kansas to travel to India.

Initially David was the only one using illusions in their efforts to share the gospel message, but that changed quickly. While in India, Teesha discovered that the men there were not inclined to give their attention to a woman. This led to her learning the illusions as well as a way to capture attention for her message. Teesha and David used their illusions to create many opportunities to share Christ in India that would not have been avLaflin1Aailable to them otherwise.

When Teesha and David returned to the United States, they were uncertain of what their next step would be. At that time, they were receiving numerous invitations to perform their illusion ministry at various churches. After several months, they realized what they should do. Teesha and David started spreading the message of Jesus Christ with their illusions as a full-time occupation. They currently travel the world to spread the Christian message through their illusions at conferences, conventions, television appearances, and other venues. Teesha and David’s performance is lauded for presenting the gospel in an entertaining, engaging fashion.

Teesha’s work as an illusionist may be a far cry from her studies as a human services major, but her experience at Ottawa University did help prepare her for that path. “The intimate environment allowed me to pursue my passions, help mold my leadership skills and give me the confidence to do what I love,” she says. Teesha also recalls many special experiences from her time at the University. She is very grateful for the friendships she developed while at OU. She also fondly remembers the experiences she had as a founding member of GOTCHA (Get Off The Couch and Help Another). “Some of my favorite memories were all the activities we did with GOTCHA, from leading a missions team to the Dominican Republic, working on Habitat for Humanity Homes in New Orleans, delivering flowers to the elderly in the nursing home monthly, to helping needy families in the community,” she says.

Laflin3ATeesha clearly loves working as a Christian Illusionist with her husband and traveling with her family. Teesha and David are the parents of three boys under the age of five. “We have been able to experience amazing adventures with each other, meet extraordinary people and see God’s hand and faithfulness through this journey,” she says. Although the Laflins love their work as Christian Illusionists, it is not without challenges. Travel, preparation for shows, clean up after shows, and doing all of these things with their three young sons around can be difficult. Despite these challenges, the Laflins plan to continue their work for the foreseeable future. “We love what we do and feel God calling us to continue to travel and perform across the world sharing the gospel through the art of illusions,” Teesha says.

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