Radio Active

Posted by Paula Paine on July 7, 2014 in "Your OU" “In 2004, I was driving home from work, listening to a local radio station and heard an advertisement for an adult-based college in Kim-Moran1.jpgJeffersonville, IN, which only required class attendance one night a week,” says Kimberley Moran.  “Immediately I dialed the phone number and set up an appointment to discuss the details further.  The program was so fascinating and appeared to work within my busy work/family life. I decided to try it, and started a few weeks later.”
That school was, of course, Ottawa University, and that phone call led Kim to a 10-year relationship with the faculty and staff at OU-IN which resulted in a BA in Management and Human Resources in 2007, and this spring, in an MBA. “I am very blessed to have developed a rapport of networking and mentors through the excellent team of Ottawa staff and professional faculty, as well as obtained the knowledge to expand further into my professional career,” says Kim. 
While attending Ottawa University as a full time student, Kim also held several other roles, such as mother of two very active sons, wife, a terminal manager, president of twoKim-Moran4.jpg professional organizations, and active member in a traveling RV Club.
Kim’s high level of community involvement has come back to benefit OU. “I am currently active with the Jeffersonville campus Alumni Association, and we are working to infuse networking and career opportunities for current students and graduates,” she explains.
“Earning my degrees has meant everything to me, starting with self accomplishment, a role model for my sons, creating a security blanket for my future, and the ability to provide a better living,” says Kim. “I kept moving forward as a student by keeping a few words close in sight at all times  - patience and perseverance - and reminding myself that ‘anything worth having is worth working for.’ For those out there still working on their degrees, I encourage you to keep at it. Ottawa students are not quitters – we are achievers!”