Special Delivery

Posted by Paula Paine on July 7, 2014 in "Your OU" Ottawa University has a long-held tradition of allowing faculty and trustees the privilege of awarding family members their diplomas during commencement ceremonies. This year was no exception. Board Vice Chair Wynndee Lee ’89 presented to her husband, David; Trustee Kathleen Madden ’06, ’10 WI to her son, Brandon Tordik; Life Trustee Marvin Wilson ’60 to his granddaughter, Myah Sprew; and adjunct faculty member Elaine McCarty to her son-in-law Patrick Ganschow.
Two of these told us what the opportunity meant to them.
Kathleen Madden/Brandon Tordik
Madden-3.jpgI was extremely honored to participate in the commencement ceremony for OU-WI as a member of the Board of Trustees.  I was not only privileged to confer the degrees awarded that evening for all of the graduates, but was privileged to hand my son, Brandon J. Tordik, his undergraduate degree. 
This was not pre-planned by me, but once President Eichner learned that Brandon was graduating that evening, he insisted I be the one to hand him his degree.  Brandon and I were both beaming with pride when he approached me.  Our family and friends who attended were equally excited for that very special moment that only a mother could dream of.  It was a once in a lifetime gift and a moment we will both treasure. 
Having been an adult student myself, I was able to appreciate the hard work he put into earning his Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, a goal he has worked on for the past five years.  Completion of this degree allows him to move his career forward as a financial advisor with Waddell and Reed, a national asset management and financial planning firm with which he has worked for the past year. 
OU is very special to our family, and we are will never forget this precious gift Brandon and I were given.  Thank you OU, and thank you President Eichner!
Kathleen Madden '06, MBA '10
Brandon J. Todik '14
Wynndee Lee/David Lee
David-Lee.jpgI met my husband years ago at OU, but whereas I finished my degree at that time, he did not.  When he began again in earnest to pursue his degree, we laughed that maybe I could present it to him. 
It is always a privilege to confer degrees on behalf of the Board of Trustees, to share in a momentous day for our graduates, but it was especially significant this year.  President Eichner graciously stepped aside so that I could joyfully hand my husband his diploma, a well-earned, long-dreamed-for moment in front of his mother, sister, and his daughters. 
I think it is so important to celebrate milestones; we all need to do that in big and small ways, to allow joy to fill our soul and life! This was one of those moments.
Wynndee Lee ‘89
David Lee ‘14