Ottawa University Wins the KCAC Commissioner's Cup

Posted by Paula Paine on June 2, 2014 in "Your OU" Arrowhead.jpgOttawa University accumulated 121 points over the three sport seasons during 2013 - 2014 to claim the KCAC Commissioner’s Cup. The award will be formally presented at the 2014 KCAC Sport Management Conference on Tuesday, August 5 at Sterling College in Sterling, Kansas.

This Spring, the Braves earned second place finishes in Softball and Women’s Golf along with third place finishes in Women’s Tennis and Men’s Golf championship, which earned them 34 of their 54 spring points. Ottawa earned significant points with second place finishes in four sports (football, women’s cross country, women’s golf, and softball) and third place finishes in four sports (women’s soccer, volleyball, men’s golf, and women’s tennis). The Braves brought home the cup by scoring 44 points in the Fall (tied for second with Tabor), 23 points in the Winter (sixth among all 10 conference members), and 54 points in the Spring (tied for first with Bethany).

“The entire OU Community is excited and honored to win the KCAC Commissioner’s Cup race in a year that was so competitive and full of success stories,” said OU Director of Athletics Arabie Conner. “It was a fun year for our teams and it’s great to see the overall competitiveness and strength of the conference continue to grow.  We are very proud of the hard work and dedication of our coaches, support staff, and student-athletes day after day in the classroom and on the fields. We are very fortunate to have a high level of administrative commitment, belief and support for athletics on our campus.”

Southwestern College totaled 119 points to finish second in the race. The Moundbuilders accumulated 58 points from four championships (women’s golf, women’s basketball, men’s indoor track & field, and women’s indoor track & field) and two runner-up finishes (men’s cross country and men’s golf).  The Moundbuilders kept the race close by scoring 37 points in the Fall (5th), 33 points in the winter (2nd), and 49 points in the Spring (3rd).

After scoring 35 points in the Fall season (7th among all 10 conference members), the Friends University Falcons rallied to score a total of 83 points in the two remaining seasons (Winter: 35 [1st]; Spring: 48 [4th]) and take third place in the cup standings with 116 total points. The Falcons were runners up four times (football, women’s basketball, women’s outdoor track & field, and men’s outdoor track & field) and third place finishers four times (volleyball, men’s indoor track & field, women’s indoor track & field and baseball). Friends won the 2013-2014 men’s basketball title.

2013-2014 Final Standings
Ottawa 121
Southwestern 119
Friends 118
McPherson 116
Tabor 107
Bethany 99
Kansas Wesleyan 99
Sterling 93
Saint Mary 64
Bethel 45

Spring Scoring

Bethany College and Ottawa University tied for first in spring scoring with 54 points.  The Swedes competed in all seven conference spring sports and were crowned regular season men’s tennis and men’s golf champions. They finished third in women’s golf and softball.

Southwestern trailed Bethany and Ottawa by five points in the Spring. The Moundbuilders own one spring championship (women’s golf), on second place finish (men’s golf), and two third place finishes (men’s outdoor track & field and women’s outdoor track & field).

Friends ended the Spring season one point behind Southwestern. Men’s and women’s outdoor track & field finished second for the Falcons, while baseball earned a third place finish all of which accounted for 26 of their 48 spring sports.

Overall Spring Sports
Bethany 54
Ottawa 54
Southwestern 49
Friends 48
McPherson 47
Kansas Wesleyan 40
Sterling 37
Tabor 36
Bethel 26
Saint Mary 22

About the KCAC Commissioner’s Cup

In an effort to recognize the achievements of its student-athletes and member institutions the Kansas Collegiate Athletic Conference developed an award for the institution that performs the greatest over the fall, winter, and spring athletic seasons.  The KCAC Commissioner’s Cup will be awarded annually as a symbol of excellence in athletics over 18 sports. Member institutions earn points for the finish of each varsity team in officially recognized conference sports.

Points are assigned based on regular season finish for football, soccer, volleyball, basketball, baseball, men’s golf, softball, and tennis.  In cross country, indoor track & field, and outdoor track & field the conference championship meet results will determine point values.  All official conference sports are scored equally. To be a conference sport there must be five member institutions competing in that sport at the varsity level.

Teams who finish in first place will be awarded 10 points, second place finisher receive nine points and so on until the final place team has been awarded a point value (i.e. if a sport only has seven teams, point values will be given from the maximum 10 to 4).  Ties will be awarded the same amount of points and the next highest finisher will be adjusted downward (i.e. two teams tying for 2nd place would each receive 9 points, then the next highest finisher would be for 4th place and would receive 7 points).

Full Breakdown of 2013-2014 Commissioner Cup Points (PDF)

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